Welcome to Yash Vidya Niketan

About School

Yashwant Keshav Patil Charitable Trust established Yash Vidya Niketan English medium school in 2014.Yash Vidya Niketan is dedicated to guiding the young generation's mind, body, and spirit, assisting them in discovering and realising their full potential as individuals and shaping them into responsible citizens. The administration provides progressive education to promote curricular and co-curricular activities, as well as the development of a variety of skills. We provide a peaceful, stimulating learning environment for our children, encouraging them to think for themselves, respect others, and value excellence.Yash Vidya Niketan is a place where morality, peace, love, and charity are instilled.

About School Logo
Yash is a Hindi word that implies "accomplishment." Vidya is a Sanskrit word that means "knowledge." Niketan is a Sanskrit word that connotes "residence."
Splendid stripes at either side tends to the spread of knowledge all through the planet utilizing striking wings.
Thusly, Yash vidya Niketan logo signifies "residence of information and accomplish all through the planet successfullyā€¯.


We have  two  branches.
1) Yash Vidya Niketan, Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Manvelpada Rd., Moregaon, Virar (E).
2) Yash Vidya Niketan, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Manvelpada Rd., Moregaon, Virar (E). (Affiliation number : 1130989)