Principal's Message

Welcome to Yash Vidya Niketan SSC School, a school founded in 2015 with a commitment to educational excellence.

Jacques Delors "Proposes a holistic and integrated vision of education based on the paradigms of lifelong learning and the four pillars of learning to be, to know, to do, and to live together."

Yash Vidya Niketan is a platform for experiencing the four pillars of learning, with the goal of holistically developing each and every child. Our teachers are trained to be facilitators, guiding and nurturing students as they learn about the world around them. They promote openness to knowledge while keeping one away from ignorance.

The school believes in providing a high-quality education combined with a child's holistic development in order to produce a successful global citizen. In today's dynamic world, where new technological innovations emerge at every turn, the School provides ample opportunities for students to innovate, think critically, and lead the learning process.

We are pleased with the School's progress in instilling in its students value-based education that is synergized with modern teaching-learning technology to produce a generation of well-informed and emotionally sound students during these years. And I assure all parents that we will continue this journey with renewed zeal and determination to provide a platform of holistic learning to the next generation of learners.

I wish you all a successful year.

Educationally Yours

Ruchita Thakur
Yash Vidya Niketan