Welcome to Yash Vidya Niketan

                           YASH VIDYA NIKETAN 

                 Yashwant Nagar,  Virar (west). 0250 6 59 00 59 

                    Yash Vidya Niketan is introduced by the management with a view to provide all round development of a child from the early childhood for achieving the goals. The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation. Hence education is directed towards the training of the pupils intellectual, moral, emotional, physical and aesthetic endowments and such cultural attainment as are suitable for the child.
                      Yash Vidya Niketan is established with new vision to provide all round development of the students with Maximum Class work and Minimum Homework, calls for extra coaching and full of indoor and outdoor Activities.
                       Yash Vidya Niketan is centre of creating morality, peace, love, charity. For honoring truth, loyality and sharing of responsibility.

1. Quality Education, with character formation activity based learning.
2. Extra Coaching with personal attention.
3. Specialized training in the field of sports with the help of Ameya Club.
4. Emphasis on all round development of students.
5. Excellent infrastructure with A/C class room facility.
6. Excellent students teacher ratio.
7. Special program on health.