Principal's Message

Dear Reader ,

I remember, the day we decided to open the school, not an ordinary school, but a school with new and modern vision of education.

A School, where students will get new opportunities to build himself / herself in to a multi-face personality.

A School where students will get deep knowledge about each subjects regarding their life.

A School where, no students will face any kind of discouragement, insult or failure.

Every students will get his own space in his / her own interested field.

Where an education will not be a burden. But, where the student will enjoy his / her Education with different activities and competitions, which will help to develop Multitalented personalities and perfect citizens.

                And so we started a full day school, where every student will get enough space and time to achieve their goals.

I also take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to Hon. Mr. Rajeev Ji Patil & Hon. Mrs. Sadhana Tai  R. Patil, who have wonderfully supported this new Concept and have always been alert to maintain best quality of Education. They have always belived in giving quality & best education and have great hunger for knowledge , that is why even after a great social personality and a successful businessman, Mr. Rajeev Ji Patil is currently pursuing L.L.B DEGREE from the University of Mumbai. We also have a trustee , Honorable Mr. Sanjeev  Ji Patil, who  is an Electronic Engineer by profession and Management trustee of Viva college.

We also have younger trustee  Ms. Grishma Rajeev Patil , who is Graduated from Kingston University of U.K, she has also completed M.B.A from the University of Mumbai. She also manages Ameya Sports Club which is a leading sports Club, not only in city of Mumbai but also in entire  India. Her Modern thoughts and ideas pertaining to sports and education help us to deliver better citizen.

Also we have two great personalities with us to develop our school, Mr. M.B Kamble, a former Assistant Director of Education (Branch Mumbai) & MPSC topper of his time and Mr. Vincent Almeda, who has vast experience of 25 years in the field of education, who is also Post Graduate from the University of Mumbai, along with M.B.A and Law Degree, are associated & contributes their Valuable experience in this field.

We also have well-qualified & experienced teaching & non-teaching staff, who with their co-operation help us to maintain good environment in the school. Due to excellent bonding between students and teachers, our students come to school everyday in spite of having longer school timing (hrs).

We are providing a special, different kind of school, where students enjoy their education, enjoy maximum sports with the help of Ameya Club, and also enjoy exams and competitions without any burden, so that he become able to face different challenges in the world to be a successful person to enjoy life.

- Principal