"Knowledge once gained can  never be withdrawn and education is one such path that leads to knowledge'.

We at Yash Vidya Niketan CBSE School, follow a blend of knowledge, attitude, skills, moral values as well as physical fitness allowing all round development and
focusing on curriculum of child who will be bringing out the best in him.

Environment in the class is as friendly to develop a positive attitude towards learning and motivating students to solve all their problems.

Our curriculum includes worksheet and visual knowledge, conducting knowledge trips and practical knowledge leading to foundation which will be stronger in every aspect.

Language developing stories, rhymes, phonics are highly effective methods of teaching is used.

General intelligence and logical reasoning (Analogy reasoning, direction and distance, color recognition) also form an important part of curriculum.

We also emphasize a lot on General knowledge and environmental development leading to one's embark towards competitive examination viz Olympiad, General knowledge quiz, etc.

Yash Vidya Niketan does participate at various district as well as inter-school competition which enables every student to participate.